Professional Event Photography and Art Studio
Houston National Invitational 2016
February5-7, 2016
Sun Devil Classic 2016
February 26-29, 2016
Legends of Gymnastics 2016
February 20-21, 2016
SoCal State Championships 2016
March 18-20, 2016
Region1 Championships 2016
April 7-10, 2016

Welcome to Feriagrafix

I am a professional sports photographer/artist: I spend most of my time shooting gymnastics, diving, and other youth sports photography creating special memories for my customers. Sports photography not only takes a photographer/artist with the right equipment it also takes a great knowledge and love of the sport as well as a gift from God. I have been shooting sporting events and gymnastics since 1972. My first gymnast was Cathy Rigby, after winning her silver medal at the US Championship 1972. My daughter was also a gymnast for 11 years so I got plenty of practice before making Feriagrafix my business.
Ben A. Feria
Ben A. Feria